Know Your Options For Prevented Planting

Rain has caused some planting delays in Ohio and farmers need to be aware of final planting dates for crop insurance and options for insurable losses.

Published on: May 22, 2013

Ohio has not escaped the heavy rains and cool temperatures that have hit the Midwest this spring. In places flooding has added to the problems which have delayed planting. The Ohio Farm Service Agency reminds farmers that for crop insurance coverage, the final planting date for corn in Ohio is June 5. The final planting date for soybeans is June 20.

The agency notes that for farmers faced with planting interruptions, the most important thing you can do if you are unable to plant the crop by the final planting date is contact your crop insurance agent to review your policy and options before you make a decision. 

FSA offers the following guidelines if you are unable to plant because of an insurable cause of loss by the final planting date. You may:

Know Your Options For Prevented Planting
Know Your Options For Prevented Planting

•Plant during the 25 day late planting period. There is a one percent reduction per day of your yield guarantee.
•Not plant a crop and receive a prevented planting payment.
•After the late planting period ends, plant the acreage to another crop and receive a reduced prevented planting payment.

To qualify for a prevented planting payment, the affected acreage must be at least 20 acres or 20% of your crop acreage in the insured unit. Prevented planting is not available on group insurance policies, which include Group Risk Protection and Group Risk Income Protection.

Replant payments may also be available for land that was planted that does not have an adequate stand. Contact your insurance agent if you believe acreage should be replanted. Your insurance company must give you written permission to replant, abandon or destroy the crop.

Crop insurance is sold and delivered solely through private crop insurance agents. Contact a local crop insurance agent for more information about the program. A list of crop insurance agents is available at all USDA Service Centers or on the RMA web site at

Source: Ohio Farm Service Agency