4.5 Million Bushel Capacity Addition Is Biggest In MAC's History

State's largest grain merchandiser, Michigan Agricultural Commodities, to increase total storage to 43 million bushels.

Published on: Apr 1, 2013

Michigan Agricultural Commodities (MAC) announced its largest expansion program of Michigan grain facilities to date. The addition is expected to add 4,525,000 bushels of storage capacity at MAC's eight existing facilities across the state of Michigan. Total storage capacity at these locations will amount to just under 43 million bushels.

The two largest MAC facilities, Breckenridge and Middleton, are each adding 1,460,000 bushels of storage space. These two locations will see receiving, drying and transferring capabilities improve as a result of this expansion. MAC Breckenridge, with a total of 15,260,000 bushels of storage space is MAC's largest, and is the largest grain facility in the state of Michigan.

4.5 Million Bushel Capacity Addition Is Biggest In MACs History
4.5 Million Bushel Capacity Addition Is Biggest In MAC's History

To weigh the increasing number of double trailers, MAC Newaygo will add a new 12 x 90 truck scale along with 470,000 bushels of storage space. Improvements are also being made to eliminate bottlenecking at receiving pits. The facility in Marlette will add a 295,000-bushel bin and a 225,000-bushel bin and is looking to expand grain receiving capabilities in the near future.

To enhance space for wet corn, MAC Brown City will add a 145,000-bushel bin. MAC is also in the process of purchasing a parcel of land adjacent to the Brown City facility where a 470,000-bushel bin is being considered for construction this year.

A 500,000-bushel bin will be added at LAC Tupperville, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MAC located in Ontario, Canada.

The company's expansion projects have been fueled by the increasing grain production of Michigan farmers. "Over the past decade, production has steadily been increasing," says Dave Geers, president of MAC. "It is our mission at MAC to continually provide our loyal customers with services they deserve."

MAC is a privately held corporation, which buys, sells, and stores agricultural commodities throughout the United States and Canada. Today, MAC is Michigan's largest grain handler with eight elevators, 43,000,000 bushels of storage and 110 employees. Facility ownership, trading offices and international connections give MAC uncommon flexibility with unique opportunities.