Try combo welder-generator

For a combination welder and standby power generator, Hobart has introduced its new Champion Elite, a 225-amp stick welder with a generating capacity of 9,500 watts.

Rated at 11,000 peak auxiliary power, the Elite offers welders a chance to weld and run auxiliary tools at the same time. Farmers, ranchers and rural home-owners can use the machine for an emergency power backup in addition to having its welding capabilities.

Powered by a 23-horsepower OHV two-cylinder Kohler or Subaru gasoline engine, the Elite can run up to 12 hours on one 12-gallon tank of gasoline, cranking out 4,000 watts.

The machine has four 120VAC 20-amp receptacles and one 120/240VAC 50-amp receptacle. All feature push-button reset circuit breakers.

As a welder, the Elite features electronics to keep the arc stable, regardless of the rated loads applied to the generator. The Champion Elite carries a list price of $3,050.

To learn more, go online to, or call 877-462-2781.


CHAMPION ELITE: For those needing a welder and a backup generator, the new Hobart Champion Elite offers many features. A 225-amp stick welder that will produce 9,500 watts of continuous alternating current, the Elite is powered with a twin-cylinder 23-hp Kohler or Subaru engine.

Sta-bil adds diesel fuel treatment

Long known for its fuel conditioner and stabilizer for gasoline, Sta-bil has introduced a new diesel formula stabilizer aimed at biodiesel and ultralow-sulfur blends.

Available in pints and gallons, the Diesel Formula Sta-bil is used for removing water, sludge and sediments from diesel fuel, along with cleaning and lubricating fuel injectors.

The new formula from Sta-bil is available in locations selling the red “gasoline” version of Sta-bil.


DIESEL STA-BIL: Sta-bil now has a formulation for conditioning diesel fuel. The preparation is aimed at keeping fuel clean and lubricating fuel injectors.

This article published in the March, 2010 edition of MICHIGAN FARMER.

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