Tools help efficiency during N application

Ask any corn grower what is the most costly input for growing corn besides land cost, and the answer may still be nitrogen fertilizer. Seed cost is giving nitrogen a run for its money. But it still makes a sizable chunk of what you invest in corn each year.

Many of you apply anhydrous ammonia to add nitrogen. Others sidedress liquid nitrogen. Here are the latest tools from the equipment industry that could help you be more efficient if you apply your own nitrogen.


Till and fertilize with a single pass

Perform vertical tillage and apply nitrogen in one pass with Salford’s RTS NH3 tool. You can still cut and distribute crop residue at a shallow depth, but you can also apply anhydrous ammonia or other N sources at the same time. Set it up on 15-inch or 30-inch ammonia shank spacing. Contact Salford, Osceola, Iowa, and Salford, Ontario, at 866-442-1263, or


Liquid injector series gets upgrade

Fast Sprayers has upgraded its 9100 Series liquid injection applicator line to form the 8200 Series. It now has a side-fold transport mode for narrower transport widths, shorter transport heights and safer road travel. The big 90-foot width is designed to match sidedress operations with farmers’ 90-foot planters. It has 29-inch crop clearance and can match 20-, 22- and 30-inch row spacings. Call 800-772-9279, or visit


Stainless-steel ammonia valve

This ammonia valve features a stainless-steel body for better maintenance over time. The 1-inch model is currently used in several toolbars. One-quarter-inch valves are also available. They’re perfect for someone ready to try section control or knife-by-knife shutoff on ammonia. Contact KZValve, Greenwood, Neb., 800-288-1112, or visit

This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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