HSUS Shows Continued Pattern Of Dishonest Behavior

Beefs and Beliefs

Due to its advertising campaign 68% of Americans clearly think HSUS is related to local "humane shelters" and that it generously supports them.

Published on: December 13, 2013

I despise liars and lying. I have excellent personal reasons but I argue that a liar proves himself untrustworthy in every circumstance.

A friend once told me: "My dad always said if a man will lie to you he'll steal from you."

I remember thinking when he said it that the concept was flawed. I no longer think that. I learned the hard way that my friend's father was right. I also became a much keener observer of the human animal.

The concept my friend was getting at was this: Lying is akin to stealing because it is about fundamental honesty or dishonesty and ultimately about the choice each person must make between which of the two very different paths he or she will walk.

In fact, my friend's father was laying before us a pattern of progression the dishonest person will follow along the dishonest road.

Perhaps not every liar steals but every stealer lies.

I could argue this is much like the peeping tom and the rapist/molester. Psychologists say the peeping tom is not necessarily a rapist but a great many rapists were once peeping toms.

All this brings me in a roundabout way to the latest news about the Humane Society of the United States.

HumaneWatch.org, is the primary watchdog organization tracking the actions of the financial juggernaut we know "affectionately" as HSUS. The group's newest report on HSUS shows a continued pattern dishonesty by the organization and its leaders. Cutting to the chase, HSUS continues to spend less than 1% of its multi-million-dollar annual budget on donations to pet shelters, despite its ongoing multi-million-dollar ad campaigns which talk almost exclusively about pet suffering, pet euthanasia and the need to give HSUS money so these problems can be alleviated.

Add to that the fact this latest study by Humane Watch shows 68% of Americans clearly think HSUS is related to local "humane shelters" and that it generously supports them. Many supposed HSUS is an umbrella organization for all local humane societies.

Human Watch says it also found in a September 2013 poll of 1,050 self-identified HSUS supporters that 87% of HSUS donors were unaware that HSUS gives just 1% of its budget to local pet shelters.

These patterns has been ongoing many years. That makes it clear HSUS knows what it is doing. Further, if HSUS did not want this result it would change its message.

A lie is a story told to mislead people. Even if the primary elements of a story are told but important details left out in order to mislead, IT IS A LIE! Intent is the issue.

When called on the carpet about not spending more of its money to help pets and pet shelters, CEO Wayne Pacelle said in this video that the organization has "other issues that we want to work on."

Of course, those of us who pay attention to news items about the animal industry know one of those things is to radically change us. In addition, over the years some of those who work in corporate HSUS have been caught privately expounding how they want to eliminate animal industries altogether. Other reports say they want to eliminate all animal ownership.

These statements are hard to document, however. I have tried. And I know people who think because such things appear more rumor than fact they are therefore untrue. Such people have told me HSUS wants the same things all good people want, which is humane and decent treatment of all animals.

Of course that is the HSUS official line. That is their story.

I ask why I should believe that line when the history of the organization is one of dishonest and misleading advertising.

I submit the answer lies in this quote from Walter Williams: "Don't look at the intent. Look at the results."

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  1. Sandy S says:

    I cannot believe you open your article with the words " despise liars and lying", then go on to use Rick Berman/HumanWatch.org as your source for your information. Are you an ostrich with your head in the sand that refuses to seek the truth? Rick Berman is a deceptive lobbyist that spews lies on a daily basis for the purpose of attempting to discredit reputable organizations such as Human Society of the US. I hope you don't call yourself a journalist, because you are not.

    • Beck says:

      That's all HSUS is....a political lobbying group! The HSUS lies & misrepresents itself to gain the trust of people like you. They gain by every crisis they can manufacture.

    • chienblanc4csi says:

      If Rick Berman and HumaneWatch are lying, why hasn't HSUS sued the pants off them? There's reams of evidence all over the internet, billboards and the media saying these same things about HSUS. HW is highly effective at using HSUS's - particularly Wayne Pacelle's - own words against them. Is that lying too? With some 40 lawyers on staff, filing dozens of amicus briefs a week, harrassing animal enterprises, as well as the many hundreds of pro bono lawyers around the country (in my area, the firm doing business for free on behalf of HSUS is the largest firm in the state), wouldn't you think that would be enough to squash Berman and HW like a bug? Oh, wait, maybe that's the wrong phrase to use, "squash like a bug", as one of the enterprises HSUS has on its hit list is pest control companies that kill rats and termites. This report looks like pretty darned good journalism to me.

  2. MDurham says:

    The "animal rights"groupies have chimed in with the typical "propaganda mill" attack hubris, as they always do when there's an article critical of the H$U$. Who you gonna believe--farmers or anti-animal-use propagandists?

  3. amy says:

    Looks like the Animal Rights fanatics found your column. Too bad. Excellent article.

  4. Greg Stephens says:

    Alan: Your article does a disservice to hard working ranchers across the country. Comparing a group to rapists, molesters, and peeping toms embarrasses me to have a publication like that lying around my office. Frankly, your column damages your argument, is unprofessional, and is below the dignity of the livestock ranchers you claim to speak for in your periodic columns. A livestock producer.

  5. Mike Callicrate of llicrate.com says:

    December 31, 2013 Dear Mr. Newport, You claim in your editorial, “HSUS Shows Continued Pattern of Dishonest Behavior,” that you “despise liars and lying.” You go on to promote outrageous and untrue allegations about HSUS, in quoting probably the slickest purveyor of deception anywhere – Rick Berman. This is the same Rick Berman whose trade is in spreading misinformation through his various false fronts including: Center for Consumer Freedom, Center for Union Facts, American Beverage Institute, Humane Society for Shelter Pets and Humane Watch. Like the many other toadies throughout history, Berman is a mouth piece for the big, the abusive, and the most powerful that lord over us. Berman most famously provided false cover for the lies of the tobacco industry. He is now attacking those of us sacrificing nearly everything to provide a good food, family farm alternative to the extractive and destructive corporate controlled industrial food system. Berman’s son, David Berman, shares, "My father is a despicable man. My father is a sort of human molester. An exploiter, a scoundrel…He props up fast food/soda/factory farming/childhood obesity and diabetes/drunk driving/second hand smoke. He attacks animal lovers, ecologists, civil action attorneys, scientists, dieticians, doctors, and teachers. His clients include everyone from the makers of Agent Orange to the Tanning Salon Owners of America…" As a member of the HSUS Ag Council for Colorado, I can say that with the help of the HSUS, and other large consumer and good food advocacy groups supporting family farmers and ranchers, I have never been more optimistic that a better, healthier and fair food system is possible. The debate over what kind of agriculture and food system that best serves people, animals and the Earth is long over. Big Food left the stage after the 1996 South Dakota debate (confrontation) between me and IBP President and CEO, Bob Peterson. When confronted with the truth, all IBP had to offer was arrogance, intimidation and profanity. The 2011 debate between R-CALF’s Bill Bullard and NCBA’s CEO, Terry Stokes, was an embarrassment for the big packer advocate, who falsely claims to support independent cattlemen. NCBA has refused invitations for debate since. Big Food refuses to answer, including for the film Food Inc. – instead depending on false marketing and deception provided by Berman and Berman clones. September 29th, 2011, Salon offered, “Berman and Company is quite objectively in the business of manufacturing misinformation.” So if you really do despise liars and lying, perhaps you could do the more difficult work of a good journalist and get the facts, rather than reporting, as Berman does - the opposite of reality. Mike Callicrate Independent cattle producer and owner of Ranch Foods Direct

    • doug williams says:

      LOL a pretend prince should never call another a toad.. this poster WORKS for the HSUS and he should let you know that..

    • doug williams says:

      this poster should let people know he works for the HSUS

    • nanny jackie says:

      Thankyou very well said .

      • Sara Shields says:

        Agreed. Thank you, Mike!

    • Shar says:

      What is a "fair food system"?

  6. CanAmFam of www.stophumanewatch.com says:

    I hate liars too. And HumaneWatch, whose documents you so eagerly sourced for your piece, is one of the most notorious frauds in DC. Their parent, the Center for Consumer Freedom and its nefarious founder Rick Berman have been exposed by CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, PBS, the NY Times, Boston Globe, USA Today, LA Times…. And the list goes on. Needless to say, anything published by Berman/HumaneWatch/Center for Consumer Freedom has zero credibility. Berman operates at least two dozen front groups like HumaneWatch on behalf of various industries to attack not just animal welfare organizations but also public interest groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, even teachers and minimum wage workers. An excellent source tracking these groups is http://bermanexposed.org/ Berman runs these front groups as nonprofits so that he doesn't have to disclose his sources. But we know from his tax returns that over 90% of funds go straight to his own for-profit PR firm. He has gotten very rich this way. Charity Navigator has put donor fraud advisory alerts on several of his campaigns. Berman's own son has publicly disowned him - http://www.prwatch.org/.../front-group-king-rick-berman... Next time you want to slander a group, try and base it on facts, and not simply paranoia, and the baseless propaganda of fraudulent front groups.

    • doug williams says:

      another post by an HSUS employee

    • Becky Pugh of Bonejour.com says:


  7. Where to begin with an article so completely baseless as this?  First, HumaneWatch is not a credible source of information.  It is a paid smear campaign.  I don't believe their push polls as far as I could throw them.  Second, it is patently false to claim the HSUS represents itself as an umbrella group for local shelters.  Look at their About Us page -here's what it says about HSUS:  "We help animals by advocating for better laws to protect animals; conducting campaigns to reform industries; providing animal rescue and emergency response; investigating cases of animal cruelty; and caring for animals through our sanctuaries and wildlife rehabilitation centers, emergency shelters and clinics." Nowhere does it say they are an umbrella organization for local shelters.  It is not the fault of the HSUS if people make  that assumption without checking.  When people do check, the HSUS makes it clear they are not affiliated with local shelters.  The HSUS is putting the information out there, but they can't force people to read it.  As for the commercials, those are all from the HSUS's own animal rescues and they show lots of different animals, not just dogs and cats.  There is even text stating the HSUS is not affiliated with local shelters. Any journalist who has a shred of fairness and decency would have called the HSUS to ask them to respond to these allegations from HumaneWatch instead of running with one discredited source.  This reporter didn't even look at the HSUS website before comparing them to thieves and rapists.  Articles like this do not deserve the space it takes to run them.  It's a disservice to your readers and to the truth.

    • nanny jackie says:

      Very well said thank you.