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Put your seed corn dealer to the test

Seed corn dealers are knocking on doors. Bob Nielsen, Purdue University corn specialist, has some advice for how to go about picking hybrids.

Nielsen suggests looking to results from independent or university trials where the plots were replicated. Look at a number of trials conducted at a variety of locations.

He offers two suggestions on how to find the most consistent hybrids. First, look for hybrids that consistently yield 5% above average in each trial. That should mean it’s a better-than-average hybrid across a variety of conditions.

For example, if the average of all hybrids in the trial is 180 bushels per acre, pick out those for a closer look that yield 189 bushels per acre or higher.

Another option

The second approach is to look for hybrids that consistently yield within at least 90% of the top-yielding hybrid in the plot. It means you’re looking for hybrids at the 90th percentile or higher.

For example, if the highest yielding hybrid was 225 bushels per acre, look at only hybrids that yield 203 bushels per acre or more. See if they are consistently within that range in all of the plots that you can find data for. Remember you’re interested in replicated, independent plots or trials conducted by university research programs, such as at Purdue University.

This article published in the December, 2010 edition of INDIANA PRAIRIE FARMER.

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