Wyoming Ranch Management Institutes Scheduled

Evanston, Ucross sessions set for February.

Published on: Jan 30, 2013

The Wyoming Master Cattleman team is offering ranch management institutes at Bear River Lodge in Evanston, and at The Ranch in Ucross next month.

The institutes are three-day sessions with an intensive focus on ranch management.

"Agriculture has been and will continue to be a business with significant risks," says Bridger Feuz, University of Wyoming Extension educator. He is organizing the institutes.

"Drought, highly variable input costs and fluctuating prices are just a few of the risks produces face."

The institute will teach strategies and offer tools to help livestock producers make the decisions that can lead to sustainability in their operations, he notes.

New livestock management tools and techniques will be offered at Wyomings ranch management schools in February.
New livestock management tools and techniques will be offered at Wyoming's ranch management schools in February.

"Participants will roll up their sleeves and not only learn to use the tools, they will also be guided through the process of  completing analyses on their own ranches," says Feuz. "Just like many other jobs on a ranch, management is hard work. We expect participants to work hard and complete the tasks during these institutes."

Each institute will be limited to only 15 persons, each required to pay a $350 fee, which includes two nights of lodging, meals and potential for a new netbook computer. Participants must complete all assignments to receive the computer at the end of the institute.

Each institute will begin at 1 p.m. and run through 5 p.m.

The agenda for the institutes will run as follows:

Day 1: Whole ranch marketing assessment and financial analysis

Day 2: Complete day 1 assignments, work on partial budgeting and investment analysis tools as well as ranch modeling and basis management tools

Day 3: Complete assignments from day 2 and work with analysis tools available at www.uwyoextension.org/ranchtool,  work in livestock risk protection at RightRisk

Participants from the Wyoming Master Cattleman program recommend the institute, says Feuz. "These institutes are the next step in learning tools to make good decisions on a ranch," he believes

All participants must register by Feb. 4 by e-mailing Feuz at bmfeuz@uwyo.edu, or calling him at (307) 783-0570.