Wyoming Ag School Honors Top Achievers

Alumni, UW partners included in 2013 awards.

Published on: Sep 20, 2013

Outstanding Alumni recipients from the University of Wyoming this year include Doug Stark, Jim Neiman, Victor McMurry and Dale Menkhaus.

Stark and Neiman received the alumni awards, while McMurry was honored with the Legacy Award; Menkhaus is the recipient of the university's Andrew Vanvig Lifetime Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award.

Stark, president of Farm Credit Services America since 2005, is a 1980 graduate of UW who oversees a portfolio of $18.5 billion with 60,000 producers, serving Wyoming, Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

He works with College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dean Frank Galey in a leadership class each year at UW.

"It's a passion I have," says Stark of his  desire to teach. "One of the essences of being an effective leader is inspiring a shared vision. It's really about getting people to care. Leading is not about a title or position – it's about action and purpose that really can apply anywhere in any business."

Dale Menkhaus McMurry
Dale Menkhaus McMurry

Neiman, a 1974 grad, heads Neiman Enterprises, Inc., a wood products business in Hulett, Hill City, Spearfish, S.D., and Montrose, Colo. The firm's sustainability practices have drawn praise from the forestry industry.

"Neiman Enterprises has long been a regional    and national leader in the forest products industry even during the economic downturn of 2008," says Robert Means, Wyoming Bureau of Land Management state forester and climate change coordinator.

McMurry, who graduated in 1970, was honored with the Legacy Award for his promotion of UW ag research.  His is the lead gift for the Dean's Excellence Fund in the CANR.

"Thanks to Vic, the college will be able to pursue new initiatives to address important issues facing Wyoming's agriculture, renewable resources base and rural communities," says Galey.

Doug Stark
Doug Stark

Menkhaus, a UW ag economist, has been with the university since 1973, and has published 80 journal articles, mentored 27 grad students, and been selected as a Fulbright Scholar. He received national awards for his outreach and scholarship.

"His unassuming nature and quiet leadership have garnered him the lasting respect of countless students, administrators and colleagues within the university and the agricultural economics discipline," says Roger Coupal, who heads the university's Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics.