Word on Weeds: Don't Delay Application on Soybeans

Why waiting to spray so you can combine 2nd glyphosate treatment with 1st aphid insecticide pass isn't a smart move.

Published on: Jul 5, 2010
Delaying weed control in soybeans in anticipation of another weed flush or to save a trip across the field by tank mixing another product such as an aphid insecticide with glyphosate does not necessarily save you money at harvest, says Jeff Gunsolus, U of M Extension weed specialist.

Delaying the glyphosate application increases the uncertainty of weed control, increases the risk of weed/crop competition and increases the amount of weed seed produced for future growing seasons. 

"Remember, it is the weeds that emerged with the crop that are the most likely to reduce your crop yield and produce the most weed seed not the weeds that emerge later in the growing season," he says.

Source: U of M Crop Pest Report