Wood Burners Are Cost Efficient Options For Winter

Bates Distributors will exhibit new more efficient wood heating models at Southern Farm Show.

Published on: Dec 11, 2012

With rising fuel costs many people who live in rural communites and on farms are choosing to become as cost-efficient with energy as possible. In some cases that means those who have access to wood supplies want to burn them for heat, supplementing the energy they take off the energy grid or, perhaps, getting off the energy grid altogether.

At the same time, the trend in the U.S. is for consumers to be as clean as possible with their energy use.

Bates Distributors says Pro-Fab's new Empyre Elite XT models can help with both goals. The distributor will be at the Southern Farm Show in Raleigh, Jan. 30-Feb.1, with the Pro-Fab equipment, which they have recently added to their existing offerings. These units make use of double-chambered burners that take advantage of gasification principles to burn more efficiently with fewer emissions. Pro-Fab says their efficient units that burn less wood are the "Future of Wood Heat."

Wood Burners Are Cost Efficient Options For Winter
Wood Burners Are Cost Efficient Options For Winter

The Elite XT models have self-regulating controls and can provide heat on demand with a consistent heat output and constant water temperatures. A refractory fire-brick lining maximizes heat retention.

The units can be installed indoors or outdoors.

They are EPA White Tag qualified and Pro-Fab says their dual combustion downdraft systems reduce emissions by 90%. This gasification technology is rated at 89% efficiency.

Bates will have the Elite XT-100 and the Elite XT-200 models at the farm show's Outdoor Exhibits #8221 display. The Elite XT-100 has a peak heat output of 125,000 BTU/hr with a furnace dimensions of W 36 inches, L 59 inches, and H 64 inches.

The Elite XT-200 has a peak heat output of 220,000 BTU/hr and has furnace dimensions of W 40.5 inches, L 67 inches and H 69.5 inches.

For more information, visit the Bates Distributing exhibit at the Southern Farm Show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, Jan. 30 -Feb. 1. You can also contact Bates Distributing, 12345 Road 505, Philadelphia, Mississippi. The phone number is 601-656-0534.