With Average Weather, 90-day Corn in ND Won't Mature Till Oct. 1

One degree below normal will push back maturity to Oct. 16.

Published on: Aug 11, 2009
If the weather during the rest of the growing season is normal, 90-day corn in North Dakota would reach maturity about Oct. 1, says Joel Ranson, NDSU Extension agronomist.

Corn moisture content would be 25% on Oct. 15 and 23.4% on Oct. 25.

But cooler than normal temperatures will have a big affect.

"If the temperatures are only one degree below average every day for the remainder of the growing season, it would push the maturity day to Oct. 16 and the driest corn moisture for the season to 25%, barely dry enough to be able to combine," Akyuz says.

Akyuz will determine maturity dates and moisture content for different types of corn, planting dates and different climate scenarios. Contact him at 701-231-6577 or adnan.akyuz@ndsu.edu.

Source: NDSU Extension Communications