Who Needs To Be Certified To Apply Manure?

Annual workshops for confinement site manure applicators in Iowa are scheduled for January and February 2005. Rod Swoboda

Published on: Dec 13, 2004

Confinement site manure applicators should plan to attend a two-hour continuing education workshop offered by Iowa State University Extension in January or February 2005 to maintain applicator certification requirements. Thus, if you are already certified to legally apply manure in Iowa, but need to get recertified, you should plan to attend one of these meetings nearest you.

What about farmers with livestock confinements who apply livestock manure, who aren’t yet certified? Who needs to be certified? The workshop will also serve as initial certification for farmers who are not currently certified. If a confinement livestock operation has more than 500 animal units the operator must be certified to apply manure unless the manure is applied by a commercial manure applicator.

Contact your local county extension office for a list of workshop dates and locations, or view a list of workshops at:

Iowa law requires applicators to recertify

"Iowa law requires confinement site manure applicators to attend two hours of continuing education each year of their three-year certification period. Or they can take and pass an exam once every three years," says Angela Rieck-Hinz, ISU extension program specialist and coordinator of the manure applicator certification program.

If applicators fail to get the two hours of continuing education each year, they will be required to pass a written exam to be eligible to recertify in 2005. After passing the exam, confinement site applicators can become recertified by taking and passing a second exam on a different day, or by attending one of the two hour workshops scheduled for January or February 2005.

Learn new rules, record keeping, P index

Even if you are not a confinement applicator, but you have an open feedlot and are not presently required to be certified, you may still want to attend to learn about new rules and other useful information. Some of Iowa’s open feedlot operators will be required to become certified manure applicators in the future.

During the workshops this winter, applicators will learn about manure application rules, new record keeping requirements, new Phosphorus (P) Index manure management plan requirements, hydrogen sulfide concerns during pumping and agitation, and soil sampling requirements for new P Index manure management plans.

"These workshops provide valuable information to all livestock producers, not just the producers who are required to attend to be certified," says Rieck-Hinz. "Open lot livestock producers who are not currently required to be certified can learn about manure application separation distances which are currently required and phosphorus based nutrient management plans which will be required of open lot producers with more than 1,000 animal units in the future."

The certification fee is $100 for a three-year certificate. In addition applicators will pay an annual education fee of $25. Due to uniform certification deadlines, applicators are encouraged to attend workshops prior to March 1 to avoid being assessed a late fee of $12.50. Applicators are highly encouraged to attend the workshops due to the uncertainty of when videotapes will be available for training
in late January and February.

If you have questions about the Manure Applicator Certification Program contact your local ISU Extension county office or go to