What's Your Phytogen Story?

Visit www.mybestyielder.com and hear what growers say about Phytogen cotton.

Published on: Feb 6, 2013

PhytoGen is once again giving growers a chance to share their stories for a chance to win a John Deere UTV. By joining the PhytoGen Best Yielder Club, growers can tell their tales of how PhytoGen brand varieties performed on their farms.

Visit mybestyielder.com and hear what other growers say about Phytogen.

"Year in, year out, PHY 725 RF is our workhorse to make the year end well," says Travis Fugitt, a grower in Bakersfield, Calif.

"I have been planting PhytoGen for the last six years and have been very pleased with the yield, strength, vigor and mic. My PhytoGen representatives provide quality support and services," said Donald Douglas, a cotton grower in Wildersville, Tenn.

Whats Your Phytogen Story?
What's Your Phytogen Story?

By joining, growers will receive a free PhytoGen hat and polo shirt and automatically be entered in the UTV drawing. Returning members will receive a custom-cotton camo t-shirt and hat.

PhytoGen, an affiliate of Dow AgroSciences, offers cottonseed varieties with in-plant protection options, such as two-gene WideStrike Insect Protection, Roundup Ready and Genuity Roundup Ready Flex.

For more information on PhytoGen or 2013 varieties choices, go to PhytoGenYields.com.