What’s New In Herbicide Products For 2005?

There are a few new products and some other news of note as farmers plan weed control strategy for the 2005 cropping season. Rod Swoboda

Published on: Feb 11, 2005

A lot of weed control chemicals are being bought over the phone from wholesalers, and some are bought on the Internet each year. Some farmers who are buying this way say because they save a lot of money. That’s okay, if you can be sure of what you are getting. Also, consider the service you’ll get after the sale.

"Talk with your local dealer for information on herbicide pricing and application rates tailored for your ground," advises Clark McGrath, Iowa State University Extension field crop specialist in southwest Iowa. "They know your operation and can make the most accurate recommendations."

He offers farmers the following information on products and lists the manufacturers, along with considerations for farmers to think about regarding weed control options for 2005.

Lexar (Syngenta): This is a new formulation of Dual II Magnum, Callisto and atrazine targeted at the one pass corn market. "After a couple years of all of us complaining about dumping jugs of atrazine into Lumax to get it to 1.5 pounds per acre, Syngenta added it for us," notes McGrath. "Good work."

"Now we have the same rate of Callisto, a little less Dual II Magnum (probably not enough to really impact grass control), and around 1.5 pounds of atrazine per acre in the mix. This should enhance large seeded broadleaf control, like ragweed, sunflower, cocklebur and many others."

Expert (Syngenta): This is a pre-packaged mix of the isopropylamine salt of glyphosate, S-metolachlor (Dual II Mag) and atrazine from Syngenta. Expert contains 1 pound of glyphosate, 1.74 pound of S-metolachlor and 2.14 pound of atrazine per gallon, and a common use rate will be 3 quarts per acre. This product will be available for use as a burndown in corn or sorghum and can be applied postemergence to Roundup Ready corn up to 12 inches tall.

Sequence (Syngenta): This is a premix of Touchdown and Dual II Magnum targeted at Roundup Ready Soybeans as an early post knockdown/residual treatment.

Starane (Dow Agro): Product for corn, from Dow's cereal grain lineup. It is a post corn product, for corn up to and including V5. Very good on many tough broadleaves, such as Kochia, Morningglory, Velvetleaf and many others. Some dealers are looking at it as a good addition to a Roundup Ready corn program as it fills many of the gaps in that weed control spectrum.

Prowl H2O (BASF): Yes, this was around last year, but in limited quantities. It is a new water-based formulation of pendimethalin from BASF with less staining potential, less odor and greater storage temperature flexibility than the previous Prowl EC formulation. Prowl H20 is labeled for use in corn, soybean and a variety of other crops.

Prowl H20 contains 3.8 pounds of pendimethalin per gallon unlike the previous Prowl EC formulation of 3.3 pounds per gallon, so the typical use rate will be around 2.5 parts per acre. Additionally, Prowl H20 will not have a 7-day incorporation interval requirement, as is the case with Prowl EC. "For the no-till users, my local rep shared with me that the increased water solubility should lead to less trash tie-up and better performance than the older formulations," says McGrath.

Define SC (Bayer): A liquid formulation of Bayer's oxyacetamide chemistry, it is a foundation herbicide much like the Duals, Harnesses, Frontiers, etc. Typical use rate will likely be 1 part per acre. It is a similar product to the other acetamides, so expect performance along the lines of the other corn preemergence herbicides.

Equip (Bayer): This product is designed for postemergence control of many grass and broadleaf weeds in corn. A premix of foramsulfuron, the active ingredient in Option grass herbicide, and iodosulfuron, which adds control of many small- and large-seeded broadleaf weeds, it also contains a safener, which increases crop tolerance to the active ingredients and common tankmix partners, such as dicamba, according to Bayer. Equip can be broadcast over corn from the V1 through the V4 growth stage. The recommended use rate is 1.5 ounce per acre.

Steadfast (DuPont): will be available this year in a smaller, more farmer-friendly 20 ounce bottle.

Glyphomax XRT/Durango (Dow): These are a couple of fully loaded glyphosate products (surfactant is in the jug with the glyphosate). They are also a high load (5.4 pounds per gallon, 24 oz typical rate product like UltraMax) glyphosate. They are aimed at two distinct markets. The Glyphomax XRT is a fully serviced brand, while the Durango is a cash and carry priced product.

Buctril (Bayer): Old Buck has been labeled to tank mix with Callisto. Some farmers say they didn't even know the company still made Old Buck.

Canopy XL/Authority (DuPont): These will no longer be available as DuPont sells out its inventories of these products. You can still buy the same active ingredient in Authority, from FMC, in a herbicide product called Spartan.

You can also get a similar product to Authority/Spartan from Valent, called Valor. Valor is not the exact same product, but is in the same chemical family and has similar activity on our early season small seeded broadleaf weeds.

DuPont is offering Canopy EX as a substitute. "So talk with your local dealer about the different options you have," suggests McGrath.