Wet and Dry Weather Causing Mixed Effect on Corn Crop

Pace of crop remains strong in some areas while falling behind in others.

Published on: Sep 28, 2010

Nationally speaking the corn crop remains well ahead of normal with 85% of the crop mature by Sept. 26, which is well ahead of both the five-year average of 65% and last year's number of 35%.

Harvest is also ahead of normal with 27% complete compared to the five-year average of 15% and last year's number at this time of 6%. However looking geographically USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says some areas are far ahead while others are lagging behind.

"In the Eastern Corn Belt Illinois is 57% harvested," Rippey said. "Far ahead of the five-year average of 21% and last year's number of 2%"

It's a different story in the Western Corn Belt where weather has slowed harvest progress in states like Minnesota and South Dakota.

"Just 1% was harvested in the week ending Sept. 26 to reach 2% overall," Rippey said. "Those numbers have now fallen behind the five-year average pace."

Overall corn conditions are at 66% good to excellent, which is 2% down from a week ago as well as 2% down from a year ago.