WebMD Spreads Healthy Dairy Message

3-A-Day dairy program partners with health Web site to educate people on the role dairy has in a healthy diet. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jun 24, 2004

Dairy's role in a healthy diet and the 3-A-Day of Dairy will reach millions of people through the dairy checkoff's new partnership with WebMD. The online, one-stop health Web site will communicate the role of dairy products in weight loss and weight management.

The nation's top online medical and health resource for the public and health professionals receives more than 20 million visitors to its site each month. To kick off the partnership, WebMD is offering a free, three-week trial to the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic. The clinic is an online, interactive program that offers dieters a comprehensive analysis of current eating habits, healthy and easy to follow meal plans, food journals to track progress against weight goals, and tops on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The partnership with WebMD will formally launch on Aug. 30 as part of a broader 3-A-Day of Dairy program that will communicate dairy's role in weight management.

This three-year partnership between WebMD and 3-A-Day of Dairy extends beyond retail and consumer marketing efforts. As part of the agreement, WebMD will develop and distribute news on dairy nutrition research through their existing electronic communications network, reaching nearly 2 million consumers and 300,000 health professionals.

Also, the 3-A-Day of Dairy program will have periodic "Health Zones" at the WebMD site, which will provide key dairy nutrition information and actionable tips to WebMD visitors on how consuming three servings of dairy can help lose weight and burn fat within a calorie-restricted diet.