Webinar Replay: Tech Trends for 2010 Explored

Catch this replay of the Maximizing Performance Webinar focusing on new tech from the National Farm Machinery Show and a look ahead at new seed technology coming down the pipeline.

Published on: Feb 17, 2010
Just what new-tech trends are coming 2010? What type of seed technology will you put to work in the next decade. Watch this replay of the Maximizing Performance Tech Trends 2010 Webinar to learn more.

The Webinar includes a look at new products and tools from the 2010 National Farm Machinery Show with some perspective from Willie Vogt, editorial director.

You'll also get a presentation from Dusty Post, global corn technology lead, Monsanto, talking about new technology in the pipeline, including new products for the 2010 season. Just play the video in this file.