Weak Positive' BSE Cow Born Before Feed Ban

USDA officials say beef cow was born before the implementation of the 1997 feed ban. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jun 14, 2005

USDA officials confirmed on Monday that the animal suspected of having bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) was born prior to the 1997 feed ban, according to wire reports.

The feed ban is seen as the most effective mitigation measure against spreading of the disease to humans and animals. USDA officials explain that the safeguards are working regardless of whether the 'weak positive' turns out to be the U.S. second case.

Awaiting final results from the Britain BSE lab, Taiwan warns it will reinstate a ban on U.S. beef imports if the United States confirms it has found a second case of BSE, according to wire reports.

Taiwan resumed beef trade in April and shipments are just beginning to gain momentum. Taiwan was previously the sixth-largest market for beef by value. Taiwan imported around $76.5 million of beef prior to the implementation of the ban in December 2003.

Taiwan Director of the Bureau of Food Safety told Reuters by phone that it would reinstate the ban if another case were found. USDA expects confirmatory results in two weeks.

Cattle prices slipped Monday although the largest meat company's, Tyson, shares inched higher.