Washington's Longview Port Growing With Ag Product Shipments

Washington's Longview Port Growing With Ag Product Shipments.

Published on: Jun 18, 2013

The Washington Port of Longview is increasingly a part of ag shipments for the Pacific Northwest, posting a new record in operating revenue for the fifth year in a row. Now, after Seattle and Tacoma, Longview is the third ranked facility in the state.

An annual report just out presented to the Port of Longview commissioners reveals an increase of 20% in operating income over 2011 for last year.

Bulk grains and other ag products are driving the increases, along with logs, steel and wind energy cargo.

The enhanced business, reports Port of Longview information contact Ashley Helenberg, is driving a need for more workers at the Columbia River site a half hour north of Portland.

The Port of Longviews new EGT grain terminal has  helped drive a spirited growth for the shipping facility.
The Port of Longview's new EGT grain terminal has helped drive a spirited growth for the shipping facility.

"We're very proud of what we accomplished with the help of our customers and strategic partners," says Geir-Eilif Kalhagen, chief executive officer for the Prot. "We've worked hard to mitigate our risks during the recent global economic downturn and as we see the broader shipping markets coming back to life, we're positioning ourselves to capitalize on the new opportunities we see on the horizon."

Last year, port operating income rose to nearly $34 million from 2011's $28 million, continuing a steady climb since 2008 despite global economic pressures that have slowed growth in most business sectors.

Total tonnage at the port grew exponentially from 2.2 million to 6.3 million tons, growth the port attributes largely to the new export grain facility, Export Grain Terminal, LLC, the first new grain terminal built in the U.S. in a quarter century. The state-of-the-art EGT facility has been a magnet creating new ag traffic from the PNW's wheat production region.

"Our diversification has been the key to our sustained success," says Kalhagen. "It's a testament to Longview's strong staff and local labor force that have made us a leader in cargo handling here in the Northwest."