Wal-Mart Launches Global Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture

One of their goals is to open market to small and mid-sized farmers.

Published on: Oct 21, 2010

Wal-Mart has launched a new global commitment to sustainable agriculture. The company says it will help small and medium sized farmers expand their businesses, get more income for their products and reduce the environmental impact of farming while also strengthening local economies and providing customers with long-term access to affordable, high-quality, fresh food.

"Our company made three really broad ranging goals," Wal-Mart Senior Vice President of Marketing Matt Kistler said. "Our three big areas of focus are to support farmers and communities, to produce more food with fewer resources and less waste, and also to sustainably source products globally."

Kistler says one of the ways Wal-Mart will support farmers and their communities is by helping small and mid-sized farmers gain access to markets.

"One of the goals we've set as a company is to sell over $1 billion of food by 2015 that is sourced from a million small and medium sized farmers."

According to Kistler Wal-Mart is committed to reducing and optimizing the resources required to produce the food they supply and driving more transparency into the supply chain. He says Wal-Mart will ask suppliers about the water, energy, fertilizer and pesticides they use per unit of food produced.

For a full list of Wal-Mart's global Sustainable Agriculture commitments visit walmartstores.com.