Veal. Explore the Possibilities

New veal product tagline launched to encourage casual dining channels to offer veal.

Published on: Aug 6, 2006

A new product tagline positions veal as a versatile, culinary adventure and encourages casual-themed foodservice operators to add new panache to their menus with veal options.   

"Veal. Explore the Possibilities," will be the catch phrase to brand new veal-related checkoff efforts, said Michael Mosner, a third-generation New York veal packer and chairman of the Joint Veal Committee for the Cattlemen's Beef Board and the Federation of State Beef Councils. The tagline supports the new "Go-to-Market" strategy for veal promotions funded through the Beef Checkoff Program.   

"The casual dining channel offers a tremendous opportunity to grow our business because so many Americans eat out these days. The more veal we can place on these operators' menus, the more we can illustrate its flavor, versatility and value," Mosner states. "We especially want to appeal to chefs, who are naturally curious and like to experiment with new dishes."

As part of the marketing pitch to chefs, the checkoff's veal program hosted an Iron Chef Veal Cook-off June 22, at the Art Institute in New York City. The competition featured five top U.S. chefs, vying for honors by creating the most delicious and imaginative veal dish.

The Joint Veal Committee, which comprises veal producers, packers, processors and other veal industry partners, worked to identify audiences and themes for new taglines, several of which were tested through an online survey completed by readers of Restaurants & Institutions magazine. The new tagline will appear on all veal materials, including a new foodservice print ad targeting chefs and casual-dining operators, Mosner explains.  

Studies show that while veal has devout fans, a large segment of the consumer market isn't familiar with the product. In the past, veal's most common image was as a fine-dining entrée for special occasions, purchased by aficionados over 50 years of age. As veal becomes more common on popular restaurant menus, it will attract younger consumers, Mosner says.

Veal offers nutritional possibilities for a new audience, too, he added. A 3-oz. cooked, trimmed veal serving has 166 calories, 5.6 grams of fat and includes essential vitamins and minerals, which nets a favorable comparison to a 3-oz. serving of skinless chicken breast. The American Heart Association lists veal stew and veal cutlets among its healthy diet suggestions, Mosner adds.