Consultant Gives Variable Rate Application an Amen

Jonesboro crop advisor tells peers VRA is a boost to the bottom line.

Published on: Jan 4, 2011

Speaking to his peers at the Cotton Crop Consultants fourth annual meeting in Atlanta Tuesday, Dave Hydrick says his experience tells him the number one money maker for consultants and cotton growers alike is variable rate fertilizer application.

Hydrick's comments came as the 2011 Beltwide Cotton Conferences kicked off in the Marriott Marquis for a four-day run. The general session of the largest U.S. farm meeting of the year is set Wednesday at 8 a.m.

Hydrick noted all of the "big yields" in his area of the Mid-South and the Mississippi Delta, southwest of Memphis, were made in 2010 with VRA, and that included acres that received no fertilizer to those that required up to 300 lbs. of nitrogen – all depending upon soil sampling and yield data from previous crops.

"While there is money to be made with varieties, insect and weed control, the number one way to boost yields for farmers and profits for consultants is to use variable fertilizer application technology," he concluded.