USDA Encourages Input On Farm Bill

#MyFarmBill brings consumers, producers to the discussion

Published on: Dec 7, 2012

By Rachel Dubinsky and Rebecca Frank, USDA

As young people that grew up in urban areas, it's easy to wonder why we, or our peers, should care about the Farm Bill. The truth of the matter is, the Farm Bill affects more than just farmers.

As Congress works to pass a new Farm Bill before the end of the year, it's crucial to make our voices heard on this important topic.

From the rural youth looking to take over the family farm to the urban gardener looking to grow fresh produce on the rooftop of their apartment building; from aspiring beginning farmers to outdoorsmen; from farmers market lovers to grocery store regulars, the Farm Bill is everywhere.

#MyFarmBill brings consumers, producers to the discussion
#MyFarmBill brings consumers, producers to the discussion

Without a new Farm Bill, universities will lose funding for research on important topics like nutrition, food safety, resource conservation and pest management, to name a few. The next generation of farmers and ranchers will lose access to critical programs, putting the future of rural America and our booming exports at serious risk. Funding to programs ensuring greater food security in both the United States and abroad are in danger of drying up.

Did you know that Farm Bill programs help those affected by natural disasters? The Farm Bill enables all Americans, from producers to consumers, to enjoy stable food prices at the grocery store, even after disasters like the 2012 drought and Superstorm Sandy.

Do you like to explore the great outdoors? Without a new farm bill, USDA agencies will be unable to enroll new acres in critical conservation and wildlife habitat programs. This will stunt the ability of local communities to support recreation and sporting, hindering the growth of local economies.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Farm Bill is important to us.

But what about you?

Tweet at @USDA with the hashtag #MyFarmBill and let us know what's at stake for you without the 2012 Food, Farm and Jobs bill. Join the conversation and help give a voice to the next generation of American agriculture.

See Dubinsky and Frank's original post on the USDA blog here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    seems like the farm subsidies may be more welfare for those that dont need it and a handicap to those that wont get it

  2. Anonymous says:

    The farm bill is agricultural welfare. I am a farmer and have not participated in the goverment programs for 15 years. There should be NO farm bill the goverment should get out of the agriculture. The farm bill only helps govermenty employees secure jobs, good reteirment, and insurance. The farm bill gives the politicians something to talk about that sounds good. The goverment paper pushers cannot even get crop reports right which effects all agriculture. The so called crop insurance is just a give me to the insurance companys and should be stopped. Do not pass the farm bill. The equip program to is the biggest disaster and a big money give away for new sprinkler systems in most case that are not needed. Most of those farmers who recieved the money for those new sprinkler systems does not need to hit the lotto they already hit the goverment lotto. This is from a life time farmer/rancher.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Farm Bill is five years of continued "entitlement" for the privileged Big Ag, Big Dairy, Big Food interests, pushing their predictable non-sustainable global agenda propped up by their constant self-serving "export" mantra. Hiding behind the cozy, homespun images of hardworking, long suffering US farmers and ranchers, the Ag/Dairy/Food "industry"lobbyists trot out their talking points to dupe Americans into believing that the "Farm" Bill helps US farmers. The "Dairy Provision" in both House and Senate versions does absolutely nothing to bring a fair raw milk price to dairy farmers advancing as it does the pro-dairy "industry" milk processing sector on the backs of dairy farmers and taxpayers. The plan is to substitute taxpayer funded "MILC" payments with the taxpayer-funded "margin insurance" scheme all so the dairy processors can continue to get the farm milk way below what it costs to produce it! Inadequate farm milk prices is precisely why we have lost 90% of US dairy farmers since US dairy policies were turned AGAINST the farmers! The current 2012 Farm Bill dairy provision is another scheme to allow milk processors to continue stealing farmers' milk without paying a fair price for it! "No" to dairy "Margin Insurance," "No" to undemocratic "Lame Duck" passage of the Farm Bill, "No" to unfair farm milk prices, "No" to any Farm Bill that does not include a way for dairy farmers to get paid enough by milk processors (not with taxpayer subsidies!) to cover the cost to produce the milk on the farm!

  4. Anonymous says:

    what we need are fewer government crop reports. they are mostly inaccurate and usually favor purchases by millers in the commodity markets. millers grain storage capacity is about 90 days and usually their is a bearish crop report that contradicts a bullish market.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Taking away all DCP payments only hurts the small and young farmers. Way to much money is being spent on CRP, SAFE and other programs and it is being turned into a retirement program. The insurance programs are forcing farmers into farming for the insurance and not for production and many farmers are doing that now.

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