U.S.-China Trade Talks Scheduled This Week

Schafer is part of delegation meeting with Chinese officials.

Published on: Sep 15, 2008

The Chinese Vice Premier is visiting the U.S. this week and high level trade talks between the two countries are scheduled in Los Angeles. Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer will be part of the U.S. delegation.

"Every time you get together you make progress," Schafer says. "We're hoping to see some good progress; China is a tremendous trading partner for us in the United States and we want to see those markets continue to open."

Schafer says he would like to discuss sanitary and phyto-sanitary issues with his counterparts from China.

"We can agree on the larger trade issues but often we have labeling things, or ways to measure or certain residual chemicals or aromas in a product that tend to block us out," Schafer says. "So we want to make sure that while we can agree on the larger framework of trade that we also pay attention to the small details that in the end allow the free flow of goods between our two countries."