Uruguay to File WTO Case Against U.S. Rice Producers

World’s seventh biggest rice exporter will argue that US support for its rice farmers makes it harder for its own exports to compete. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jul 28, 2005

As world trade talks continue to lag behind schedule, Uruguay says it will bring a World Trade Organization case against U.S. rice producers to help spur change in U.S. policy.

Uruguay, the world's seventh biggest rice export, is following the lead of Brazil's successful challenges against U.S. cotton and EU sugar programs. The U.S. is the third largest rice exporter. Rice producers spent $1.8 billion to produce last year's crop, and received $1.5 billion in federal support.

The same lawyer that worked with Brazil on previous cases, is working with Uruguay on the rice challenge.

In related news, Bloomberg reports that Brazil has asked the WTO to impose $3 billion in sanctions against the U.S. for not changing policies ruled illegal in the cotton case Brazil brought against the U.S.