U-M Beef Team Offers New Estrus Synch Planner

Customize your herd’s reproduction program with this new tool. Compiled by staff 

Published on: Apr 27, 2005

The University of Minnesota Beef Team is offering an "Estrus Synch Planner" available on CD.

The Synch Planner is a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet designed to customize your breeding schedule utilizing estrus synchronization and artificial insemination. The planner consists of five worksheets including a planner worksheet, printout worksheet and a printable calendar.

The planner offers several options to manage your breeding season for beef and dairy cattle. It provides tips and overviews of the program, along with optional supporting papers and a list of 22 estrus synchronization protocols described in detail. The planner worksheet allows producers to customize their own breeding seasons using any of the estrus synchronization protocols with the capabilities of choosing their breeding date, type of insemination method, product cost and preferred time of day to inseminate.

The reports give detailed cost of the protocol, operating cost and cost analysis with varying estrous responses and conception rates, based on the number of head synchronized. A detailed calendar is created with capabilities of printing your customized calendar, along with tips and suggestions to achieve optimal reproductive performance.

The cost of the CD is $25 plus $10 shipping and handling. Order by e-mail from Denise Plonis, ploni001@umn.edu or by phone, (218) 327-4490. For more information on the CD, visit the beef team Web site: www.extension.umn.edu/beef/.