U of I offers Dairy Courses Online

Brush up on your dairy management skills without leaving home. Compiled by staff

Published on: Sep 13, 2004

Two dairy management courses will be offered this fall through the University of Illinois (U. of I.) Department of Animal Sciences' Dairy Internet Online program.

Advanced Dairy Management explores health, heifer growth, genetics, forages, economics and systems. Mike Hutjens, U. of I. Extension dairy specialist, is one of six instructors teaching the course.

Advanced Dairy Reproduction focuses on the latest information on all phases of reproductive physiology. Darrel Kesler, a U. of I. professor of reproductive science, teaches the course.

"The classes start in late September and all lectures are recorded on a CD," says Hutjens. "You listen to lectures based on your time schedule and attend one class one hour a week for 10 weeks on the Internet in the evening to review homework and participate in discussions.

"Your computer is your classroom."

You can participate for credit or non-credit.

For complete class schedules, topics, and enrollment details, go to www.ao.uiuc.edu/ansci/class_info/.