Tyson Adds Two 'Natural' Beef Product Lines

Company to offer Certified Angus Beef and Star Ranch Natural Beef.

Published on: Jan 19, 2006

Tyson Foods, Inc. and Certified Angus Beef LLC are teaming up to provide Certified Angus Beef brand Natural beef, the two organizations. Tyson will also soon begin offering Star Ranch Natural Angus Beef.

"The CAB brand and Star Ranch Angus Beef have been very successful programs for Tyson and we're excited to add 'natural' product lines to both," says Noel White, group vice president of Tyson Fresh Meats. "Consumer demand for natural beef is increasing and we believe there's an opportunity for us to grow with it. While we have every confidence in our traditional beef products, we also believe in giving our customers a choice."

According to Cattle Buyers Weekly, the "natural" beef segment is almost a $1 billion niche of the U.S. beef industry and continues to grow.

The beef products will come from cattle that have never received antibiotics or hormones and have been given a 100% grass and grain diet. They will be black Angus, source verified to birth and fed in "natural" designated feed yards. The Beef Marketing Group (BMG), a cooperative of Kansas and Nebraska feed yards, is the first cattle feeding organization to participate in the initiative.

"We believe our efforts to source naturally raised cattle and following proper animal handling and feeding protocols, will provide consumers with another high quality protein choice," White says. "In fact, we believe this program will raise the standard for performance in the production and marketing of fresh, natural beef."

For nearly 30 years, the CAB brand has been the benchmark for high quality beef. Only eight percent of beef meets the CAB brand's high standards for mouthwatering flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Tyson Fresh Meats, formerly known as IBP, inc., became a licensed CAB packer in 1992. It is the leading supplier of CAB products to the foodservice and retail industries in the United States and throughout the world. After 14 years of this successful partnership, it was a natural progression for the two companies to jointly enter the natural beef marketplace.

"The joint commitment by BMG, Tyson and CAB to produce CAB brand Natural raises the bar for production standards and product quality for all natural beef brands," says Jim Riemann, CAB president. "This joint effort gives consumers a choice that will exceed their expectations for natural beef products."