A Trip To The 106th Annual Circleville Pumpkin Show

Where I find more than a thousand pumpkins and no less than ten tasty ways to eat them.

Published on: Nov 6, 2012

About 400,000 people descend on the city of Circleville, the Pickaway County seat, for the annual pumpkin show every fall. At the information booth one of the ladies passing out programs for the four-day event tells me that most years it rains. For the moment it isn't. "Be sure to see the giant pumpkins right over on Main St. and go down Court St. to see the world's largest pumpkin pie too."

I ask if there was any favorite food she would recommend. At first she is hesitant to plug any one given vendor and then she said, "There are 23 different foods made from pumpkins here you know. I can't say I have tried them all, but you really can't go wrong with pumpkin pie."

BROWNIES: Im a pretty big fan of chocolate, but pumpkin works too.
BROWNIES: I'm a pretty big fan of chocolate, but pumpkin works too.

So I start with a piece of pie supplied by the Junior Women's booth. "Whip cream with that?" a young, young junior asks me. "That's the only way to eat it," I reply.

It's all down the throat from there. If you love the taste of pumpkins, this is place to be in late October. Enjoy a slide show of my visit and imagine the great tastes.

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