Trimble Makes Technology Easier to Acquire

Zero-interest comes to high-tech products.

Published on: Apr 20, 2006

Most ag technology companies have focused on developing the latest and greatest, and offering products in various price ranges farmers could afford, depending upon their needs. Few have focused on financing and tried to entice customers the way big ticket manufacturers do it- through attractive zero-interest and/or lease programs.

That's changing as Trimble, one of the leaders in ag-technology for precision farming, introduces EZ-Lease. The name is no accident - it fits in line with its EZ line of products, including AgGPS EZ-Guide Plus Lightbar, EZ-Steer, AgGPS 332 and 252 receivers, and EZ-map software with Recon handheld systems. These are the products currently available through this new lease program.

Basically, the program consists of a zero-percent interest lease, with a minimum transaction requirement of $4,000. Farmers using the program will make four equal payments. The first is due upon delivery of the precision equipment. Three more payments are due every six months during the term of the leas. No interest or additional fees apply.

What happens once the lease expires? Spokespersons say that as long as all lease payments have been made, the farmer will then own the equipment free and clear.

As you might suspect, some restrictions apply. The offer is available only through Trimble Financial Services, and applies for farmers applying by June 30, '06. Farmers buying equipment must take delivery by July 31, '06. Farmers buying equipment are responsible for any taxes that might apply. All applications are also subject to credit approval by Trimble Financial Services. The offer is good only on new equipment bought from authorized Trimble resellers.

Despite the qualifications, this announcement marks what could be a new day in precision farming. With companies turning to financing offers to help get equipment on farms, obviously it's a technology here to stay.

Learn more about this lease program at: or, or by calling (800) 865-7438.