Trimble, Dickey-john Partner for Future

Two major technology companies announce strategic move.

Published on: Aug 28, 2007

Trimble and Dickey-john announced this morning that they are joining forces to provide a more complete solution for farmers. The goal, says Erik Arvesen of Trimble Navigation Limited says farmers will benefit from this partnership.

Dickey-john's IntelliAg and Trimble's AgGPS Field Manager lead products will be a mainstay of the partnership. For Dickey-john customers who have IntelliAg, the partnership means that system will interface with Trimble's state-of-the-art guidance system.

The beauty of the combination, Arvesen says, is that farmers can cut down on clutter in the cab. There can now be one display, with one screen handling autopilot and talking to the functions provided by Dickey-john technology, including seed sensing and monitoring operations.

Dickey-John spokespersons say that due to the partnership, the system will be future proof. When you have need for a new function that Dickey-john develops, it can be added and integrated into the system.

The partnership does not cover just current products. The goal is to develop products that will serve farmers into the future.

"Cab real estate is at a premium," Arvesen says. "We really think this will be a big advantage. Farmers will be able to only have one display in the cab."

When precision farming first appeared on the scene, innovators strung together what looked like Christmas trees in the cab when they were lit up. The problem became keeping abreast of all the different functions.

"Now they will have one screen to look at, and can use their time to attend to their other functions in the field," Arvesen says.

Dickey-john officials stressed the importance of standardizing systems so that they can be plug and play from various brands and colors of tractors and implements. It will be important as farmers want to go from, say field guidance in their combine, to auto-guidance for strip-till.

Dealers from both Dickey-john and Trimble will be able to support and service both systems, spokespersons reported. They will also be able to add modules as the need arises.

The companies are calling their partnership one that will produce 'hybrid' precision farming systems. Both companies are capitalizing on the strength of the other to produce a product that should take farmers well into the future, spokespersons concluded.