Tractor Pullers 'Fire Up' Biodiesel

United Soybean Board will sponsor light pro stock soy-diesel burners.

Published on: Jun 7, 2010
This summer, the National Tractor Pullers Association is powering up a new Light Pro Stock class, promoting biodiesel. It's happening courtesy of the United Soybean Board and soybean checkoff sponsorship.

All tractors competing in the Light Pro Stock division will burn biodiesel. NTPA also will use biodiesel to fuel its pulling sled- and track-grooming equipment plus its on-road vehicles. It's a win-win deal for both.

BIOFUELED! Light Pro Stock division pulling tractors will be burning soy-based biofuel at this year's NTPA major events.

"In many ways, biodiesel is superior to traditional diesel," says USB Director Russ Carpenter, a Trumansburg, N.Y. soybean grower. "What better way to demonstrate that superiority than to push it to the max the way tractor pullers push their fuel to the max? Tractor pulls allow us to talk to people who like to watch power, including farmers and truck drivers."

NTPA General Manager Gregg Randal also reports that many pullers already realize the performance benefits of biodiesel and use it in competition. Biodiesel delivers comparable horsepower, mileage and hauling rates comparable to petro diesel. But it offers higher cetane levels, better lubricity and higher BTU content than others alternative fuels.

Studies conducted by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Energy show that biodiesel can reduce life-cycle greenhouse gases by as much as 78%. Ozone (smog) forming potential of pure biodiesel hydrocarbons is 50% less than that of petroleum diesel fuel.