Track Bug Problems And Solutions

One stop shopping at a new website can help growers deal with insect problems before they cause economic damage.

Published on: Dec 16, 2013

A new website can help you get help choosing insect resistant corn hybrids as well as learning about insect problems developing in Ohio and neighboring states. Keeping track of changing technology and refuge requirements can be a challenge. Knowing what insects are causing local and regional problems is helpful in preparing a response.

It also shows you what insect pests look like and how to control them. Specific pesticide recommendations are available on this site.

Entomologists with Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences have released updated information online on all the hybrids available for corn growers, the pests they manage and refuge requirements.

Track Bug Problems And Solutions
Track Bug Problems And Solutions

The Bt corn trait table was created by Chris DiFonzo of Michigan State University and Eileen Cullen of the University of Wisconsin. It can be found at and contains reference information about insects commonly found on field crops in Ohio, including insecticides that are labeled for the pests, says Andy Michel, an Ohio State University Extension pest expert.

In addition, the site also has fact sheets on most of the common agronomic insects, says Michel, who also has an appointment with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center.

The information on the site is updated as of Nov. 1, he says, noting that growers should "make sure you read the bag label and information for all needed information and requirements," in addition to following information on the site.

The site also has links to newsletters from neighboring states, as "often times insect problems that occur in Ohio are related to what is occurring in surrounding areas," Michel says. Growers should be sure to check this site regularly during the growing season.