Tough Questions to Ask Farm Show Exhibitors

Grilling New York Farm Show exhibitors for more details will boost your show reward.

Published on: Feb 14, 2011

The old cliché "You get out what you put in" is absolutely true. If you wander through the New York Farm Show to "see what you see", that's all you're going to get out of it – aside of maybe a hot beef sundae. But you can make it a higher yielding event.

Imagine this: If you had access to every answer about tomorrow's equipment and technologies at you might consider, what questions would be on your list?

You don't have to imagine it, because it's pretty close to reality. So make up that list, and ID company brand exhibitors that might have that information.

Most New York Farm Show exhibitors will have their most knowledgeable experts on hand, have access to them or have specific data available via computer at their exhibits. You'll find a list of exhibitors on this web site.

GRILL EM!  Exhibitors staff either booths with expertise to answer or find answers to your toughest questions.
GRILL 'EM! Exhibitors staff either booths with expertise to answer or find answers to your toughest questions.
  • Don't see exactly what you want on the showroom floor? Exhibitors can't bring everything to the show. But they can show you product information and specifications of what they can deliver. Tell them what you want.
  • Want to know what next-generation technology is in the pipeline for auto-steering or precision applications? Ask them how it differs from what you already have.
  • Want to know why "Brand A" vertical tillage tool is so much more expensive than "Brand B"? Ask. If they claim it lasts longer, ask why?
  • If you want to know the differences between, say, Lely's Astronaut and DeLaval's robotic milking systems, quiz both company's reps, about their own and their competitor's products. While you're at it, ask Lely when they'll be bringing the robotic Astronaut N 4 to America and how it differs from the current robotic milking system. And, ask DeLaval when the robotic rotary parlor will land in the United States.
  • Looking for a new baler? Manufacturing reps can tell you the differences between how their machines wrap – soft core versus hard core, and their bale protection options – twine versus plastic and etc.

That should get your mental cogs to clicking. Take it from there!