Top Cotton Seed For 2013 Season

Preseason cotton picks a stout list of proven, high-yielding varieties.

Published on: Jan 2, 2013

Annually, Southern Farmer asks the major cotton seed players in the Southeast about their top-dog picks for the coming season. It's a stout lineup for 2013 with proven workhorses mixed with newer offerings. Here's to safe planting and good spring weather to rocket all the cotton varieties out of the ground. Good luck.

•AM 1550 B2RF - This is an early-mid maturing variety that has been on the market for several years, due to tremendous grower demand.  It performs extremely well in dryland situations and has an excellent fiber package. Works well in a double-crop situation with wheat.

•NG 1511 B2RF - This is a highly adaptable mid-maturing variety.  In 2011, NG 1511 B2RF was the top performing B2RF variety in university OVT's across the cotton belt.  Americot growers in the Southeast experienced great success with this variety in 2012.

Top Cotton Seed For 2013 Season
Top Cotton Seed For 2013 Season

•NG 5315 B2RF (New variety) - Americot's first full-season variety comes with big yield potential.  It is best suited for irrigated and more productive soils in the full-season markets of the Delta and Southeast.

•AM UA48 (Conventional) - This is an early maturing conventional variety that offers outstanding fiber quality and excellent yield potential.

•ST 5458B2RF. A mid-maturity variety with excellent fiber quality and high turnout and adapted across most management regimes and soil types. Very good nematode-tolerant variety, particularly for growers with root-knot nematode issues.

•FM 1845LLB2. Mid-full maturity variety with outstanding vigor and stand establishment in dryland conditions. Best staple and strength variety on the market in the Southeast, with solid performance under dry, stressed conditions.

•FM 1944GLB2. A mid-maturing variety with outstanding fiber quality and yield potential. The first variety in the industry east of Texas with complete tolerance to both glyphosate and Liberty herbicides. Maximum weed control options, complete crop safety and outstanding yield potential.

•FM 1740B2F. Early-to-mid maturity with outstanding yield potential and fiber quality. Long-standing reputation among growers as a top performer across the Southeast.

•PHY 499 WRF is a mid-maturing variety that's broadly adapted across the Cotton Belt, regularly tops yield trials year-in, year-out and produces very good to excellent fiber quality with high gin turnout.

•PHY 375 WRF is an early maturing variety that consistently yields high and is well known for its "come back ability" under extreme weather conditions.

•PHY 367 WRF is a classic early variety that provides exceptional tolerance to root-knot nematodes, boosting yields in fields under nematode pressure.

•PHY 339 WRF and PHY 575 WRF will be introduced this year, early to late maturing respectively. Quantities will be limited this year.

•DP 1252 B2RF is a mid-to-full season variety with very high yield potential. Its moderately aggressive growth habit requires timely application of growth regulators.  Good fiber quality and performs well in both limited water and irrigated conditions.  

•DP 1050 B2RF is mid-to-full season variety that fits both irrigated and dryland fields. It's aggressive and should be scouted for PGR use starting early.  Very stable in low- and high-yield environments with very high yields in favorable conditions.

•DP 1137 B2RF is a great choice for dryland and tough yield environments.  Though it is mid-maturing, it has performed similar to a full-season variety under stress conditions.  PGR use should begin early especially when conditions are favorable for high growth.  Best placement in the Southeast is on lower-growth soil types and dryland fields.

•DP 1048 B2RF is a mid-to full-season variety and perfect choice for a high yield, irrigated field in the Southeast.  It can be moderately aggressive in growth and some PGR management is needed based on conditions.  Very high yield potential and has had very good fiber quality.