Three Kansans Appointed to NCGA Action Teams

Bob Timmons, Dennis McNinch and Ken McCauley give Kansas strong leadership voice in National Corn Growers Association.

Published on: Oct 14, 2013

Three Kansas corn leaders have been selected to serve on National Corn Growers Association action teams for the coming year. Action teams offer members an opportunity to gather opinions and ideas for a variety of members on topics of importance to the corn industry

Bob Timmons, Fredonia, will serve another term on the Research and Business Development action team. Timmons was first appointed to this committee in fall 2010, making this his fifth year on the committee.

Dennis McNinch, Utica, was selected to serve a second term on the Ethanol Committee.

Ken McCauley, White Cloud, was appointed Chair of the CornPac. McCauley is a past president of NCGA and has served on CornPac for several years.

Bob Timmons of Fredonia, Dennis McNinch of Utica, and Ken McCauley of White Cloud, have been selected to serve on National Corn Growers Association action teams for the next year.
Bob Timmons of Fredonia, Dennis McNinch of Utica, and Ken McCauley of White Cloud, have been selected to serve on National Corn Growers Association action teams for the next year.

Meetings coming up soon

The action teams and committees will have their first set of meetings in St. Louis in December. Kansas Corn Growers Association Director of Communications Sue Schulte said Timmons, McNinch and McCauley each offer strong leadership on the national level.

"Corn growers who give their time to the NCGA action teams have a commitment to grassroots leadership," Schulte said. "We are lucky to have these three Kansas growers to once again lead on the national level. Any corn grower in Kansas can have this opportunity and we would be happy to talk to them about becoming involved on the state and national levels."

NCGA members can apply to serve on an action team, with a fiscal year beginning in October for each term. Action teams provide growers an opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future of the corn industry and to become a part of the national agricultural leadership community. Committees range from production and stewardship, research and business development, public policy, grower services, ethanol committee, trade policy, biotechnology and the national political action committee.

"Corn growers will face many challenges and opportunities in the year ahead and it's great to have smart, dedicated farmer-leaders in this organization to carry out its mission," said NCGA President Martin Barbre, Illinois. "We have many terrific volunteers and are excited to be working with this team of leaders." 

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