Thermal Arc Unveils Fabricator 252i For MIG, Stick, Tig welding

Compact welder weighs 66 pounds and has a range of 5 to 300 amps.

Published on: Jan 17, 2012

Thermal Arc is launching its new Fabricator 252i as a three-in-one welder capable of MIG, TIG and stick welding -- in a range of 5 to 300 amps.

The Fabricator weighs in at 66 pounds and runs a 40% duty cycle at 250 amps. It carries an MSRP of $2,509.

Part of a new breed of combination machines, the Fabricator allows the use of MIG or self-shielded flux cored wire, stick electrodes, or DC TIG for welding stainless, copper, nickel, bronze or brass allows -- whatever the operator needs and wants.

Thermal Arcs Fabricator 252i is a three-in-one MIG-Stick-Tig welder.
Thermal Arc's Fabricator 252i is a three-in-one MIG-Stick-Tig welder.

The Fabricator is designed for light industrial fabrication, mechanical contractors, farm and ranch use, motorsports, maintenance/repair, light construction and training programs.

The machine uses an advanced inverter to optimize arc performance in all three welding modes and reduces spatter, electrode sticking, and LIFT TIG for arc starts without high frequency equipment. It comes with digital meters, a comprehensive set-up chart and quick-change (no tools) polarity connections.

The Fabricator comes with a TWECO Spray Master 250-amp MIG gun, TWECO WeldSkill 200-amp Stick electrode holder and Victor EDGE regulator.

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