Ten Best Christmas Gifts a Farmer Could Get

Time for a lighter moment or two before year ends.

Published on: Dec 25, 2008

Today is about the birth of the baby that would become a Savior, not corn prices. It's also become to be about family, good food and good times, not cash rents and fertilizer costs. So here's a tongue-in-cheek look at ten Christmas gifts that should make any farmer happy.

Meanwhile, we're sure the best gifts were those you got from your family, or will get. These might not be bad consolation prizes though! Of course, some include the things we said this day isn't about- crop prices and more. But at least today you should be able to look at them in a different light.

Number 10- A flashlight that works! So many Christmases as a kid our family gift exchange with uncles and aunts featured more than one person getting a flashlight. It became a family joke. And we couldn't wait until next Christmas, to hear the stories about which one worked and which didn't.

Number 9- Your nineteenth socket set! Who can't use another socket set, anyway? Put one in your truck, one in each tractor cab, the combine- save the other dozen or so for replacements when you lose one of the others.

Number 8- A screwdriver ratchet set! Whoever decided to put sockets on the end of a screwdriver never worked around rusty bolts on the farm. Where are you supposed to get the leverage? I got one last Christmas, and just uncovered it last week, still in the package, never opened! After all, it's the thought that counts.

Number 7- A Chia pet! Who could appreciate something that grows out of an odd-looking ceramic pot better than a farmer? At least it's green and growing. Oh, to have been the one that dreamed up such a thing!

Number 6- A chance to revisit July 3! And sell corn at $7 per bushel. Ouch, that hurts, doesn't it? It would have made number two, but that would have hurt just too much.

Number 5- A new pickup! What every farm dad wants! Sometimes they find it under the tree- a toy one just like the real one you want. There's more than one smart alec kid in farm country who knows how to get a dad's goat!

Number 4- A tractor that drives itself! Then you could do the really important job- manage. Wait a minute- that technology is almost here. Who knows, some bah humbug! may even be working on it today.

Number 3- A straight 2 by 4 board! Do you know how many years it's been since you could go to a real lumber yard and buy a board to fix a fence that didn't have chewed edges, big knots, a crack, or that was already warped and crooked? Sometimes the simple things make us happy. This one might not fit under the tree too well, though!

Number 2- A perfect cup of coffee! The kind you get at the local truck stop or other gathering place usually isn't so hot, literally or figuratively. But it still may be better and more honest than the gossip you pick up while you're there.

Number 1- The peace that comes from understanding the true meaning of Christmas! Who could want anything more, farmer or not?

Merry Christmas one and all from Indiana Prairie Farmer and our staff.