Taylor Ranch Wins Beef Award

Other ranches and feeders given awards also at annual Certified Angus Beef conference.

Published on: Sep 30, 2011

Jimmy and Tracy Taylor of Cheyenne, Oklahoma, won Certified Angus Beef's 2011 Commercial Commitment to Excellence Award. The presentation was made at the CAB Annual Conference in Sunriver, Oregon, Sept. 20-22.

The Taylors were featured on page 4 of the February 2011 Beef Producer magazine for their work to breed a real set of "carcass animals" on their ranch using feedlot data as a prime component of their selection process. Their story was part of a larger focus in that issue on two very different types of Angus cattle and how they paid off in the feedlot. (See pages 6 and 2 of that issue.)

Dale Moore, Cattleman's Choice Feedyard, Gage, Okla., nominated his customers for three consecutive years before they won.

"They base their program on the CAB and Prime goal, and have made some of the most dramatic and positive changes among all of our customers," Moore says.

Other winners involved in actual beef production which won awards in the annual CAB competitions are listed here:

* Dal Porto Livestock and Rancho Casino, with partners David Medeiros and David Dal Porto of  California, won the Certified Angus Beef LLC 2011 Seedstock Commitment to Excellence Award.

* Osborn Farms, Savannah, Missouri, repeated its 2010 achievement with even better numbers as the Certified Angus Beef LLC  2011 Quality Focus Award winner for partner yards with less than 15,000-head capacity.

* Keeling Cattle Feeders of Hereford, Texas, won the CAB 2011 Feedlot Partner of the Year for all yards with more than 15,000-head capacity.

* Will Feed was named 2011 CAB Feedlot Partner of the Year for operations with up to 15,000-head capacity.

* Pratt Feeders near Pratt, Kansas, won the 2011 Quality Focus Award for partners with more than 15,000-head capacity.

* Gregory Feedlots at Tabor, Iowa, won the Certified Angus Beef LLC Progressive Partner of the Year Award.