Take a Quick Walk Back Through History Of Equipment

All work and no play makes even you dull- take a couple minutes to return to the past and match up these descriptions with the tool they applied to- then go get in your cab with auto-steer, variable rate mapping and finish planting!

Published on: May 4, 2012

Here are some brain-teasers form days gone by. Many often say they want to return to those good old days. It didn't cost $500 an acre to put out corn, but you didn't plant in a comfort-controlled cab with a planter that pampers the seed, either.

Here are descriptions of tools from authentic machinery brochures. Check the bottom to see how you do. No peeking!

a)     "Son, we've got another 150-bushel stand."

Take a Quick Walk Back Through History Of Equipment
Take a Quick Walk Back Through History Of Equipment

b)    "See the new heavyweight in the '60 plus' horsepower class.

c)     "The combine you have just purchased was designed and manufactured to the traditionally high standards of all our farm equipment."

d)    "Gain time and profit, eliminate drudgery. If you are milking an average of 10 cows twice per day it equals 600 cows every month or 7,200 per year."

e)     "When a man buys a machine, he is, if he is wise, as much interested in the overall cost of the machine as he is in the price. Two factors affect over-all cost- original quality and parts service.

f)     'Easy on and off- fits practically any tractor, makes square turns.'

g)    'Stocks of cutters and repair parts are carried in principal cities from coast to coast.'

h)     Get finger-tip command with new electrohydraulics

Answers: a) Mailer for IH 456 planter, 1960's vintage; b) Farmalll 656 tractor; c) Operator's manual, John Deere pull type No. 42 combine; d) McCormick – Deering Milkers;  e) CS-14 Parts Catalog for McCormick-Deering cream separators, milkers and vacuum pumps.  F) New Idea 30-A sickle-bar mower; g) Papec Ensilage cutters and hay choppers, 1930!; h) Deere 3955 and 3975 forage harvesters (recent)