Syngenta: Monsanto Has Monopoly on GM Corn

Lawsuit filed to challenge Monsanto's 'illegal and improper activities to maintain its monopoly in key corn traits.' Compiled by staff

Published on: Jul 29, 2004

Monsanto and Syngenta have each filed separate lawsuits against each other, fighting over Roundup Ready technology. Syngenta's suit challenges Monsanto's monopolization of biotechnology corn seed in the U.S.

Syngenta's newest suit alleges that Monsanto has "engaged in a pattern of illegal and improper activities to maintains its monopoly in key corn traits in the U.S.," according to a Syngenta company statement.

The lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Delaware includes Monsanto's attempts to prohibit Syngenta from competing with GA21, a glyphosate-tolerant corn trait. Syngenta says these attempts include trying to force seed companies to stop producing GA21 seeds, to destroy GA21 inventories, and to adhere to exclusive dealing contracts.

Syngenta announced its acquisition of GA21 rights on May 12, 2004 from Bayer CropScience. It plans to offer the technology through its NK brand, the Garst and Golden Harvest brands, and through licenses with other seed companies for the 2005 growing season.

Monsanto also is trying to strip all of Syngenta's rights to sell Roundup Ready soybeans in a separate suite Monsanto filed in Missouri on Wednesday. To read more about this announcement, click HERE.