Syngenta, D&PL Offer Pest Solution for Cotton Farmers

Avicta Complete Pak provides cotton producers enhanced protection against nematodes, insects and diseases. Compiled by staff


Published on: Oct 10, 2005

Syngenta is offering a new method of protecting against all major early-season pests with the announcement that Delta and Pine Land Company will offer Avicta Complete Pak for the 2006 growing season on all its varieties of cotton planting seed.

Avicta is the first seed treatment to prevent crop loss from nematodes. Avicta Complete Pak is a combination of three Syngenta seed care products: Avicta seed treatment nematicide, the insecticide Cruiser and the fungicide Dynasty CST. The immediate pest protection of AVICTA Complete Pak aids in better root development, and in turn, a healthier crop with improved return on investment, D&PL says.

"The combination of D&PL's leadership position in the cotton seed market with Syngenta's innovative seed treatment technology provides an unsurpassed level of convenience for today's cotton grower," says Kris Sirchio, Head of Syngenta Professional Products. "It delivers comprehensive early-season protection and removes the complexity associated with application timing and labor intensive handling required with current control methods."

Randy Dismuke, Senior Vice President, Delta and Pine Land says, "Avicta Complete Pak is the first new nematode management option in more than 30 years. It couples nematode management with very effective insect and disease protection provided on the seed from the moment it is put into the soil. Coupling this product with D&PL's superior varieties provides cotton farmers a new option for their farms."