Syngenta Donates $3,500 to Northeast Food Banks

Gifts courtesy of farmers and the Halex GT Weeding out Hunger program.

Published on: Oct 12, 2010

Farmers using Syngenta's Halex GT corn herbicide donated a portion of their 2010 purchased to the company's Weeding Out Hunger campaign. This week, the company announced that $100,000 of those sales went to 55 food banks in 24 states.

Three food banks in Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania received a total of $3,500. Recipients of $1,000 were the Maryland Food Bank of Baltimore and the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank of Harrisburg. Foodlink of Rochester, N.Y., received $1,500.

The extra $500 came in the name of Robert Donald of Moravia, N.Y. Donald won the donation while attending the 2010 Commodity Classic tradeshow in Anaheim, Calif. "I'm so thankful that Syngenta helped me give back to my community," noted the farmer. "There are people everywhere who are fighting the hunger battle. It's wonderful to see companies willing to help those in need."

"Growers who purchased Halex GT in 2010 helped feed their neighbors in need," said David Pinon, senior communications manager, Syngenta Crop Protection. "We're pleased to announce this campaign will continue in 2011."\

According to Feeding America, its network of food banks feeds one million more Americans each week than it did in 2006. The network heavily relies on the support of corporate partners to raise awareness of the hunger issue.