Syngenta and DuPont Grant Rights for Fungicides, Insecticides

Syngenta acquires rights to develop DuPont's Rynaxpyr and DuPont can market Syngenta's Acanto fungicide. Compiled by staff

Published on: Feb 24, 2006

Sygenta and DuPont Crop Protection reached a new agreement to broaden each company's crop protection product offerings.

Syngenta acquires an exclusive worldwide license to develop DuPont's new insecticide Rynaxypyr in mixtures with its own leading insect control products. Rynaxypyr is a chemical of the bisamide class characterized by unique systemic properties and outstanding activity on all major lepidoptera pests. DuPont will continue its commercialization plan for straight Rynaxypyr.

John Atkin, Chief Operating Officer, Syngenta Crop Protection, says: "Combinations of Rynaxypyr with our modern insecticides will provide new broad-spectrum solutions in the global insecticide market. First launches are targeted for 2009."

DuPont Crop Protection acquires worldwide rights to Syngenta's strobilurin fungicide picoxystrobin, sold as Acanto, including access to companion products used in mixtures. Acanto is currently marketed in Europe on cereals and will be expanded for use on soybeans in Latin America.

"With picoxystrobin, DuPont fills a gap and gains access to major fungicide customers and markets in the EU, Latin America and later in the United States," says James C. Collins, Vice President and General Manager of DuPont Crop Protection. "In insecticides, the agreement we have reached with Syngenta will allow us to expand and accelerate the market potential for our new cutting edge technology."