Sustainable Ag Expo Nov. 13-14

Carbon footprint, life cycle analysis, and energy at 2008 Sustainable Ag Expo.

Published on: Nov 3, 2008

The Fourth Annual Sustainable Ag Expo is set for November 13-14, 2008 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in Monterey. The event is for farmers of all crops and commodities to learn about sustainable farming methods - environmentally sound, socially equitable, and economically feasible. Event features trade exhibits and educational programs, the Expo provides growers and ranchers the information and tools to maintain economic viability while also protecting the environment and promoting healthy communities.

Carbon credits, product life cycle analysis, and renewable energy are hot topics, but what do they mean for agriculture and the food system? On the afternoon of November 13th, the Sustainable Ag Expo will feature a seminar focused on defining the "carbon" vocabulary and explaining where opportunities lie for agriculture to make a difference in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction.

Lynn Hamilton, Professor of Agribusiness at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, will identify renewable energy potential within California agriculture. Cynthia Cory, Envirnonmental Affairs for the California Farm Bureau Federation, will focus on the carbon credit opportunities for agriculture. Gail Feenstra, Food Systems Analyst for the Sustainable Agriculture and Education Program at UC Davis, will demonstrate carbon footprint measurements using life cycle analysis.

As greenhouse gases and global warming remain hot button topics, it is important for growers to understand the technologies and programs working to solve these issues. "With Assembly Bill 32, 2006 California Global Warming Solutions Act, in the forefront, agriculture could eventually have the opportunity to offer carbon credits to those who are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is the time for agriculture to step up to the plate," says Cynthia Cory.

The Expo is currently accepting registration for attendees and equipment exhibitors. For more information visit or call Jill Whitacre at 805-369-2288.