STX Steiger Tractors Get New Muscle

Case IH repowers STX line and sends in a lively substitute.

Published on: Feb 7, 2006

Both wheeled and Quadtrac versions of Case IH STX Steiger tractors have new muscle for 2006 with Tier III-compliant 24-valve, electronically-controlled engines, rated engine speed reductions to 2,000 rpm, and redesigned transmissions for nearly seamless shifts.

The real news on the STX front, however, comes with the use of a 12.9L (787 cu. in.) Iveco engine replacing the 15L Cummins in the STX380 and STX430 models. The new cross-flow-head diesel breathes through 24 valves and produces an additional 5 horsepower over last year's larger engine. With similar performance for torque rise and recovery after lugging, the new engine offers producers significant savings in fuel, says Kyle Russell, Case IH marketing manager for Magnum and Steiger tractors.

IVECO POWER: The middle of Case IH's STX Steiger line gets its power from a new Iveco 12.9L 24-valve turbocharged diesel engine. Here, the massive valve train of the smaller, but more powerful, replacement for the 15L Cummins of previous models, sits atop a modern cross-flow head design for improved cooling and more fuel efficiency. (In and Out galleries are high pressure fuel lines.) 

The line consists of the STX530 and STX480, powered with a 15L (915 cu. in.) Cummins, rated at 530 hp, and runs through the STX380 and STX430 models with the new 12.9L engine, to the STX330, which gets its push from a 9L (543 cu. in.) Case IH diesel, and the STX280, powered with an 8.3L (505 cu. in.) engine.

All engines in the STX line are six cylinder, turbocharged and after-cooled diesels breathing through 24-valve heads and taking their signals from electronic engine controls. All meet Tier III emission requirements without exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems or catalytic converters in the exhaust stream. All but the STX 503, which is rated at 2,100 rpm., boast a 2,000 rpm rated engine speed.

STX430 QUADTRAC: Case IH's new six-model STX Steiger line includes this 430 Quadtrac. Improved fuel efficiency and less maintenance are features of the new line.

Putting that horsepower on the ground is the job of a 16-speed full powershift 4WD transmission with preloaded electronically stimulated clutch packs for nearly imperceptible shift points. The AutoShift function can be used to take advantage of all the ratios to keep the engines at a constant speed—thereby increasing fuel economy regardless of the load. For diehards, there's a 24X6 Hi-Low mechanical Synchroshift which offers "on the fly" shifting in a flexible and economical gearbox choice.

Like the new Case IH MX line, the updated STX Steigers come with improved cab layout and operator comfort features, fingertip controls, extended maintenance intervals, upgraded hydraulics, full compatibility with a range of auto guidance systems and assists, improved lighting systems.

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