Stump The Bunny' At Field Days

Dakota Lakes holds its annual tour June 29. Compiled by staff

Published on: Jun 26, 2006

There's a lot of serious topics on tap for the Dakota Lakes Research Farm's annual tour June 29 - drought impact on crops, winter wheat varieties, and dozens of other topics.

"Also during the event, SDSU Extension Agronomy Educator Terry Hall will offer producers a chance to play 'Stump the Bunny,'" says Dwayne Beck, Dakota Lakes manager. "That means if you have a bug, weed, or disease that needs to be identified, bring it along and tap our SDSU Jackrabbit ag expertise. Terry will tell you what your mystery specimen is or send it on to someone who will know." 

The Dakota Lakes Research Farm annual tour runs from 1 p.m. to dark on Thursday, June 29, rain or shine.

The Dakota Lakes Research Farm is 17 miles southeast of Pierre at the junction of state Highway 34 and Canning Road.

Dakota Lakes Research Farm Manager Dwayne Beck said speakers and topics include SDSU winter wheat breeder Amir Ibrahim, discussing winter wheat varieties and the winter wheat breeding program.

Research associate Cheryl Reese will deal with nitrogen fertilizer and drought impacts on wheat yield and quality.

SDSU forage breeder Arvid Boe will talk about warm-season grasses as a source of forage and biomass for energy.

Natural Resources Conservation Service soil scientist Walt Schaeffer will be demonstrating the Web Soil Survey in the building.

Dakota Lakes Research Farm Manager Dwayne Beck will discuss long-term (over 16 years) impacts of different no-till rotations.

SDSU Extension agronomy educator Ruth Beck will give an update on pulse crops, including peas, lentils, chickling vetch, and pinto beans.

Other speakers may be on hand to discuss emergency forages, feed sources, and water quality, Beck said.

A local 4-H club will operate a concession stand during the event.

The Dakota Lakes Research Farm is a nonprofit corporation owned by farmers and managed by South Dakota State University.