Stoneville and NexGen Cotton Announce Replant Protection

100% replant assistance offered to Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas. Compiled by staff 


Published on: Apr 7, 2006

Plains and Texas cotton producers who replant Stoneville or NexGen cottonseed in 2006 will be eligible for 100% seed replant assistance under the new "Stoneville and NexGen Replant Advantage" program.

This program is being offered through Monsanto to producers in Texas, New Mexico, Kansas and Oklahoma. Growers who have to replant Stoneville or NexGen cotton acres this season will receive 100% seed replant assistance with Stoneville or NexGen cottonseed under the program.

Growers who plant Stoneville cottonseed can expect excellent early-season vigor and rapid stand establishment. That can mean fewer replants and higher yield potential. For Plains producers who often face harsh growing conditions, NexGen offers a unique combination of high-quality fiber associated with picker cotton and the durability associated with stripper cotton, which can deliver consistently high yield and profit potential.

"Stoneville has a proven record of delivering strong emergence and early seeding vigor," says Kyle Maple, U.S. cotton marketing manager for Monsanto. "This year, we have an excellent supply of Stoneville products in a wide range of maturities. By selecting the right germplasm for the right acres, cotton producers can be confident that they can start strong and finish strong with Stoneville products."

Maple notes that NexGen varieties are developed for the Plains cotton producer.

"NexGen varieties are truly unique in that they possess picker quality fiber, yet possess a high level of storm tolerance," he adds.

For offer conditions and more information about the replant protection program, growers can contact their Monsanto sales representative. Additional information about Stoneville and NexGen high-performing varieties is available at or

Monsanto also will offer a Stoneville replant program for cotton producers in the Delta and Southeastern United States, details of which also are available on those Web sites.