State Representative Wainwright Appointed to OLF Study Group

Farm families and others continue to protest construction of a Navy landing field in Washington County, N.C.

Published on: Oct 17, 2007

North Carolina Gov. Mike Easley has appointed state Rep. William Wainwright, D - Craven and Lenoir, to the Outlying Landing Field Study Group that he recently established to study alternative landing field sites for Navy jets.

"I am pleased to appoint Rep. Wainwright to the study group and welcome his willingness to serve," Easley said. "His experience and knowledge will help make sure the concerns and interest of the communities, businesses and environmental groups near the Navy's potential OLF sites are heard."

A group of protesters in and near Washington Co., continue to oppose the construction of the proposed Navy landing field. They have cited noise concerns and dangers to wildlife as two of their main concerns. The group is concerned that the jets that would practice landings at the site could negatively impact farming in this rural area.

Another danger is posed to Navy pilots, they say, if some of the area's millions of migratory birds fly into jet intakes.

Gov. Easley, Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Farm Bureau President Larry Wooten are among those who have come out against the landing field. The study group established by Easley held its first meeting on Sept. 18.

The protesters cheered when Navy spokespersons announced they had decided to consider other possible OLF sites.

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