Stallman Reelected as President of the American Farm Bureau Federation

American Farm Bureau Federation delegates approve resolutions for the coming year.

Published on: Jan 14, 2014

New policy

Another topic in the news lately has been unmanned aircraft systems, so the delegates also had to decide where AFBF stands on that issue. After a vote, AFBF supports the used of unmanned aircraft systems for commercial purposes (i.e. agriculture, forestry, and other natural resource use); and they support requiring the operator of the UAS to gain the consent of the landowner and or operator if the UAS will be surveying or gathering data about the landowner's property below navigable air space. 

AFBF also supports the regulation of UAS as recreational aircraft. But AFBF does not want to see a federal agency using UAS for the purpose of regulatory enforcement and litigation. Nor does AFBF want UAS gathering data without the consent of the landowner and or operator below navigable air space and they do not want FAA regulations of UAS as fixed wing aircraft.

In another new policy, AFBF supports propriety data collected from farming and agricultural operations is valuable and should remain property of the farmer and warrants protection. AFBF opposes any federal agency Freedom of Information Act-eligible entity from serving as a data clearing house for all proprietary data or aggregated data collected by private companies.

Recommendation to the board

The AFBF Resolutions Committee also offered a recommendation to the board: "We encourage our elected representatives to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as "Obama Care." The delegates approved this recommendation.